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B-Roll Photo Booth Edmonton

Enrich your main event with a fresh take on photo capture with our incredible open air photo booths.

B-Roll Photo Booth Edmonton

how are we different?

Wondering what makes our Open Air Photo Booths unique? B-Roll is proud to offer many exciting features that go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional product and experience for each and every client. Some of our unique features include our customizable backgrounds, outdoor tents, along with custom graphic templates for printouts, and a whopping 18” touchscreen tablet to select, view and share your photos easily. Let’s break it down a little further.

Custom Backgrounds

You have the option to select a customized background to pose in front of that’s tailored for your special event. We even give you the option to choose the type of material that’s used, such as fabric, vinyl or wood! You can include your company name, charity name, or your grandma’s favourite slogan as the backdrop to inspire your fun photo booth

One of a kind prints

At B-Roll, we’re all about providing our clients with what they want. That’s why you also have the option to customize your printouts. The template can be designed just about any way you wish, incorporating 2 to 5 poses and your specific logo or brand, if desired.

Large tablet for previewing poses

We provide an extra large 18” touchscreen tablet with excellent resolution to ensure our open air booths are user-friendly and easily operable. All you have to do is press the screen, wait to be prompted to strike a pose and that’s it! Your photos will appear on the tablet with the option to print and share via email or text. It’s so simple, even your grandma will be able to rock it!

What's included

There’s no denying just how much fun photo booths are. And now, with open air booths, you can easily impress your guests, get silly, have fun and create amazing memories that you can look back on and enjoy. Check out what’s included!

The Booth

Unlimited Sessions

Helpful Booth Attendant

Unique & Exciting Props

Online Gallery

Instant Share

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